Welcome to 8Futons.com! Where we "Ain't just futons!"
Below is a display of some futons we have available. To the left of this content is our menu where you will find other furniture & accessories for your home or office. Keep in mind, not everything we sell is located on this site, if you want something you don't see here, drop by our store in Port Jefferson and check us out, or call us toll free at: 1-800-8FUTONS.

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Futon Sofa with Storage Area
Futon Sofa With Storage Area
Futon in Blue and Black Cover 300068
Futon Sofa with Storage
Futon Frame in Dark Oak
Futon frame in Dark Oak
Silver Finish Metal Frame
Euro Style Frame Silver Finish Futon

Futon Frame in Light Oak

Futon Frame with Arm Storage (draws extra)


Futon Sofa available in 4 colors

Futon Mattress sold seperately
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